Here’s an idea of some of the work we do.

Please note: We’re regularly brought in for confidential projects that are protected under non-disclosure agreements. While we can’t talk about those, here’s a sample of what we can talk about.

Election campaigns are communications campaigns, designed to educate and influence the electorate to vote for a particular candidate. As a member of Berry Vrbanovic’s mayoral election campaign team (pro-Bono), we focused on two areas:

  • Policy writing: We worked with the candidate to articulate his vision to the electorate in plain and accessible language. We produced 12 policy papers that formed the campaign web site’s core content, and the basis of campaign flyers.
  • Communications strategist: We helped the candidate prepare for debates and public speaking events. We reviewed key messaging and post-performance evaluation.

As internationally-renowned experts, University of Waterloo’s professors and researchers are frequently asked to comment on newsworthy events. We wrote a user-friendly media relations guide to help faculty and staff engage with the media, protect their and the school’s reputation, and better understand the role of UW’s in-house media relations team.

When Reuter Benefits, a Canadian benefits consulting firm, decided on a brand refresh, they came to us to rewrite their web content. Along with their web developer, we created a new site focused on attracting corporate clients needing assistance with their group benefits plans, and everyday people looking for financial services information and experts.

While corporate wriing is at our core, tackling the subjects of food and culture is our specialty. Links to published editorial content  are found on our principal’s food writing site:

  • How do you capture the foods that talk to a region’s history? When noted Canadian chef, Lynn Crawford, decided to highlight Canadian cuisine in the Great Canadian Cookbook, Alibi Entertainment hired us to write online content about Waterloo Region’s Mennonite and German food culture. We produced four interview-based articles (with recipes) that really schmeck’d!
  • When you’re in a young and quickly-evolving community, finding a way to cover the growing breadth of available cuisines with a knowledgeable and contemporary voice is key. That’s why The Waterloo Regional Record’s editor-in-chief came to us when looking for a new restaurant reviewer.
  • In a growing community, it’s easy to not know who your neighbours are–where they came from, what it took to get here, and how they connect with home. As a columnist for Grand Magazine, the World of Food column features a different community member is featured, with an eye towards the intersections of immigration, memory and food.