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Your story is more than words. It’s fearless people who break new ground to be better, bigger or faster than before. It’s emotion and perseverance. It’s doing the right thing, taking chances and not being afraid to be just a little (or a lot) different. It’s the stuff that inspires you and engages others.

That’s why people call us.


We think of this as our problems-solutions page.

Do any of these sound familiar? Click on each one to find out why our clients choose us.

Our communications don’t reflect how good we really are. Sometimes, they’re kind of embarrassing.
Your reputation matters—to you, your employees, your clients, and to us. We’ll work with your copy—or start afresh—to ensure your messaging is accurate, current, and meets your audiences’ needs.
We’ve been writing our own copy, but it doesn’t sound right.
Even though most of us write every day, doing it well can be tough—especially when we’re writing for different groups. We are experts at writing for diverse audiences with diverse needs. Whether you want to improve employee engagement, explain wins to investors, or launch a new product, we’ll create copy that connects.
We don’t have the bandwidth to take on another “priority” project.
Everything is important—from updating your onboarding documents to editing your quarterly sales newsletter to planning the strategy that explains your new five-year plan—and you can’t say “no.” We’ll step in, so you can confidently “yes.”
We need a trusted and experienced communicator, but can’t add to our permanent headcount right now.
Not all of your projects and tasks need a seasoned communicator. For those that do, we can bolster your team’s capacity for short- or long-term projects.
We're changing rapidly, but we don’t know if we can handle what comes next, whether good or bad.
We’ll be an objective eye to review what you have have right now, and recommend ways to improve your communications practice. We’ll set your processes so you can manage the questions, kudos, and quarrels you may face.
Our leaders are gun-shy about internal communications, but aren't happy when employees find out company news from the media, social media or clients.
We’ve worked with many types of leaders and communicators—from the timid to the over-sharers. We’ll address management’s concerns, determine your workforce’s needs and develop communications that will suit your leadership and will be welcomed by employees.
We’ve got a big, complex, or confidential project that needs someone who can easily work (and cheerfully) through layers of regulation and bureaucracy.
We’re dab hands at mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, product wind-ups, and have plenty of experience with NDAs, layers of reviews and sign-offs, and multiple jurisdictions.
No, really. We need someone who’s experienced in regulated industry, understands publicly traded companies, and can work well with our legal, compliance, government relations, investor relations, analyst relations, HR, internal communications, and public affairs teams.
Yes, really. With a decade’s experience in public affairs and public relations for one of Canada’s largest financial services companies, and experience managing M&A communications for one of the world’s largest tech firms, we understand the intricacies involved with listed companies and regulated industries. We’ve worked with all those teams—and more—in projects that range from new product/service launches to quarterly announcements to crisis management to corporate development (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, integrations and roll-ups). International deals? We’ve done them, too.

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Industries and sectors we’ve worked with

  • Aerospace
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Financial Services
  • Food
  • Green Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • MUSH
  • Non-Profit
  • Social Venture