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Peacock Blue Communications is a strategic communications and public relations consultancy based in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario. Our clients are local, national, and multinational companies, manufacturers, associations, and organizations, in a number of sectors. We support their project and business goals through tailored practical communications and public relations strategies, effective messaging, written content, and advisory services. We believe better communications builds stronger brands.

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Jasmine MangalaserilJasmine Mangalaseril, Communications Strategist + Catalyst, Principal

Jasmine Mangalaseril is a go-to communications and public relations professional, seasoned by more than 20 years in the non-profit, financial services, and tech sectors. She swoops from treetops to grassroots (and back again) to provide strategic counsel to drive communications and stakeholder relations programs. An articulate, inquisitive and enthusiastic communications dynamo, Jasmine’s communications strategies are linked to business objectives through audience awareness, carefully chosen strategies and tactics, and well-honed writing. She is a highly organized and creative problem solver, opportunity pointer-outer and optimistic realist who crosses Ts, dots Is, and rolls up her sleeves to get the skinny, produce results, and meet deadlines.

Jasmine is a natural relationship-builder who is cares deeply about her community. She has served on several non-profit boards of directors and committees in Kitchener-Waterloo, was TEDxWaterloo’s PR Lead, and served as a member of The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce’s Physician Recruitment Committee. She believes in paying it forward and is a requested communications and social media panellist, and also served as an adjunct faculty member of Conestoga College’s School of Media and Design’s Public Relations program.

Jasmine is also a food writer who covers a range of topics, from profiles to cookbook reviews to community foodways. You can find links to  her published work on

How do you pronounce Jasmine’s surname?

It’s all short vowels, with the stresses on the first and fourth syllables:

  • Manga (as in Japanese comics, or mango (but with a short “a” at the end))
  • la (as in do re mi…)
  • seril (rhymes with barrel)